Hello everyone! It is a great pleasure to be a new member of the Blissy Life team!

In my new role, it essential to grasp as much knowledge and experience from my surroundings as possible.

I would like to introduce myself as a creative learner and aspiring artist. My passion lies within creativity, and how creativity has evolved to have the power to bring communities together. Inside the mind of everyone, creativity lives to flourish. In order to let it grow, you must be patient and open to all ideas. I have been practicing art at an intense level for nearly 6 years, and let me tell you: the creativity did not come as easily as I hoped. My passion has always been present, but it often takes failure and frustration to fuel the fire for success. Even now I will still run into a creativity block, which actually allows myself the time to brainstorm, research… and eventually conquer the task.

I currently study Studio Art with a minor in Graphic Design at a small private school in Massachusetts. Fully immersing myself into the art world and surrounding myself with others who share the same passion has been the greatest decision of my life. It has truly allowed me to find myself as an artist. When I call myself an “aspiring artist,” you might be wondering what it is exactly that I do. Well, I am most passionate about painting, especially after the semester in which i was introduced to oil paint. I strive to be a hyper-realistic painter, which by definition means a genre of painting and sculpture resembling a high-resolution photograph. I draw my inspiration from other hyper-realistic artists such as Alyssa Monks and Mike Dargas. Aside from painting, I enjoy photography and digital artwork. My style of photography tends to mimic my paintings, as they have a conceptual side to them. My work has been shown in local exhibitions, as well as several galleries, and hey! — you can even see my work in a published children’s book!

Due to the rising era of technology and social media that we currently live in, I have found the most successful form of exposure through Instagram. Before last year, it never crossed my mind to use social media as a way of networking. And now, I know it is the best way! I can easily connect with other artists and get great feedback and inspiration for my own work. As a future goal of mine, I strive to create an environment for artists of all kinds to collaborate with one another, to keep this creative world beautiful. After all, what kind of a world would this be without creativity and design? Certainly not something you or I would want to live in.

In the coming months, I will be drawing inspiration and creating international connections as I plan to study in Florence, Italy next semester. I am certain that this opportunity will help open bright doors leading into my future and I could not be more excited! I am most interested in seeing where my artwork will go from there, and how my experiences abroad with help me to evolve further as an artist.