Small Town Artist Takes On A Big City: Florence, Italy

Our talented artist sets her sights on the beautiful city of Florence!

Not only is Florence the capital city of the Italian Region of Tuscany, the birthplace of the Renaissance, home of the best wines and pastries, or a visual masterpiece within itself, but it is also considered to be one of the most classical “Art Capitals” of the world.

When I was given the opportunity to apply to Florence University of the Arts and have my credits transfer back to my college in Massachusetts, it was seen as impossible to deny such a thing.

After months of gathering together my transcripts and anxiously awaiting my acceptance, I finally got the call I was waiting for…. I was in. After the initial excitement dwindled down and I began to focus, I started researching museums, restaurants, and areas in and near Florence that i could connect with. I learned that because it is at the heart of the Renaissance, Florence contains magnificent visual representations of their advancements in architecture and design. As it is essential to observe all the cathedrals, churches and buildings around you, it is just as important to seek for the treasures indoors. Most of the mesmerizing components that make up these structures are the fine details put into the interior design. Hundreds of galleries and museums such as the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery are the home to elaborate ceiling paintings, wall carvings and marble sculptures. The most interesting part of studying fine art in Florence is that i will finally be looking at things I’ve only ever studied in text books. To me, that is the most satisfying part.

While abroad in Italy, I plan to travel as much as my wallet will allow, eat as much delicious food as my stomach will allow, and immerse my heart, soul and mind into the culture as much as I can.

Not only should I learn from the culture and the artistic style of Italian artists, but I should also take note of how those artists network within the community. My ultimate goal is to land my artwork internationally, and a full semester in Italy sounds like a splendid time to begin working towards that. Until I leave for Italy in late August, I must continue strengthening my work while continuing to dream of breathing that Florence air.

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