Okay, maybe it’s not an “emergency”.  But having wifi can be pretty fundamental if you’re working online.  How do you stay in the Information Age when the world goes caveman?

Today, that question was put to the test.  When we woke up today, our house had no electricity.  No wifi.  No nothin’.  

Here in Hoi An, Vietnam — that’s something that happens.  According to a mysterious schedule, the power is shut off (city-wide!) until 6pm or so.  If we weren’t feeling ambitious, this could be a day off.  Since we’re feelin’ really revved-up about making Blissy Life a beautiful reality for you, we resorted to… our Wifi Emergency Plan!!

We’re writing to you from a very special place.  Here at Dingo Deli (run by a charming couple from — you guessed it — Australia), they have a generator.  They have endless cups of coffee.  And they have sweet, precious wifi.  All day, no problem.

Whether you’re living somewhere exotic, or somewhere familiar — it’s great to have a backup plan.  

Here are a few popular backup plans for wifi:

  • Have a wifi oasis (like Dingo Deli) that you can depend on when things get rough
  • Have a good 3G data plan so you can work over your mobile network when you’re beyond wifi range
  • Have a wifi extender so you can reach hotspots further away, with more signal strength

We love hearing about how you’ve wrangled your Internet access amidst adverse conditions.  Good luck with your connectivity, everyone!