“Well, I’m the visionary — and the design/marketing guy. My dream is for Blissy Life to inspire thousands to live empowered global lives.”

I love to see the world from new angles. I don’t mind being the creative weirdo if it opens up that wonderful world of fresh discovery. On one hand, we think we know who we are, and the goals we’re working towards… and on the other hand, life is an infinite miracle worthy of profound awe.

I’ve always worked towards freedom, with a passion. I love the personal liberation in The Matrix and Shawshank Redemption, and I’m absurdly excited about the unlikely luck of our times that afford such location independence and global connection. I geek out on futurology. I’m playful. I love games. I’m enthralled with interactive breakthroughs and daydream about MIT and Silicon Valley. I love creative visionaries and artistic lives. I’m inspired by business trailblazers.

Some fun facts:

  • I once put my mind to international law, crushed the LSATs, got a scholarship to my dream school (Tulane Law), and then said, “nah”.
  • I spend a lot of my USA time in New York (Brooklyn), and I feel drawn to San Francisco. I went to school at the American University of Paris, and have a very international potpourri of friends.
  • When I helped out producing interactive media for brands, I made crazy little video games for Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, and all kinds of folks.
  • I salute the creatively ravenous misfits. Rock on, my magnificent weirdos.

Curtiss is the founder of Skytemple strategy and design studio, and a Blissy Life blissonaut. He has been published by Connecticut laureate Leo Connellan, appeared in WIRED writer’s Sex Rev 2.0. He taught interactive design at Umass Amherst. He has spoken at Persona, Western Mass Photographers’ Group, and more.