How Marcus And Feli Connect Digital Nomads Worldwide

When we settled in to interview these awesome organizers in Thailand, we had no idea just how big their vision really was.


A Beginner’s Guide To Traveling Japan

Visiting Japan is a trip of a lifetime, but it can feel like you’ve been thrown into another world when you get off the plane. Here are a few tips for your first time to Japan!

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Barbados Will Bring Out The Pirate Inside You!

When you head to Barbados, it’s only natural to let the pirate inside you breathe a little salty air!

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Favorite Breakfast Spots In Ao Nang, Thailand

Here are a few of our favorite breakfast spots in Ao Nang, we hope you get the chance to check them out!

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Digital-Nomad-In-Training: Danielle Is Creating Her Best, Most Blissy Life

I’m so thrilled to be a part of the fun and refreshing Blissy Life team!

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Sparking Excitement With Nathan And Sarah

It’s not just about how to travel together. It’s about how you live life together.

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How Marcus And Feli Connect Digital Nomads Worldwide

We felt a certain magic while in the presence of Marcus and Feli — that of a growing tribe, and the vision that inspires it.

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Blissy Award Winners 2016


Through hard work, determination, and incredible style, these paragons of hospitality have won our hearts — and awards — for their excellence and awesomeness.


Reflecting Upon A Transformative 2016

Blissy Life had quite an incredible 2016! Often we forget how much we achieved — so we always try to post a little year in review. Enjoy!

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Blissy Life Spirit For 2017

As we head into 2017, you might make a little doodle reminding you of your heartset. Here’s ours.

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Blissy Life Soul-Searching For A Pivotal 2017

Things have gotten interesting, eh?

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Experience This Romantic Boutique Hotel in Jerusalem

Ein Kerem is home to one of the most incredible luxury boutique hotels we have had the pleasure to stay at! Alegra Hotel is nestled right in the heart of the village and is the perfect place slow down and love somebody.

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Chic Hotel Is Inspired By Local Legends For Their Redesign

Appreciate the delights of this chic part of Guadalajara while staying in this inspired boutique hotel.

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A Must-see Traditional Story Told In A Modern Way

Discover how Thai folks showcases their Tradition, History and Food.

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