Layover in Narita

We are currently camped out in an airport lounge, and we just reached the halfway point of our eight-hour layover in Japan.

Being highly reliant on electricity, we have joined the hordes of people juicing up their beloved electronics. Fortunately, we have found a comfortable tuffet near an outlet, so we didn’t need to huddle around that one inconveniently placed outlet in the hallway.

The challenges of “transportating” really take their toll. We are in the midst of flying from Vietnam back to the States; fortunately with the time difference we will arrive in New York the same day we left Vietnam… but we will have been going through the motions for a good 30 hours.

I feel the keystone of travel is to “hurry up and wait.” You rush to get to your flight, wait to board, rush to your seat, then hold tight.

So far I have:

  • caught up on some sub-par napping
  • had a second breakfast and then moved onto first lunch

While packing and gearing up for this, I had planned to write so much great stuff! I foresaw myself feeling sparkling and refreshed — being a smart cookie I would take advantage of this large chuck of time I have. This is the only writing I’ve done so far, and most of it is bitchin’. (Although I am pleased to say: even if I accomplish nothing else, my electronics will be fully charged and ready for business!)

Narita Lounge

I’m reminding myself to keep guzzling water, which seems to quickly run its course. The toilets in Narita International Airport will squirt warm water at your bottom parts in the most lovely fashion. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this little find, we are in Tokyo. When in Tokyo… my private bits are kept beautifully clean, while the rest of me screams for a shower.

Toilet Narita Airport

Another great thing is to do some airport stretching. With long flights, my butt and legs fall asleep, and it feels so wonderful work out some of that tightness when you have a bit of room to move. We just did a few toe-touches and twists. It was certainly nothing to get our hearts pounding, but it still felt great after so many hours of immobility.

Most importantly, we are gearing up to try out the “dayrooms” and showers in our terminal. We’ve walked by it multiple times while on our layover, while looking for enticing food. We are about to gear up and find out what it’s all about. I am beyond excited with the idea of a shower! Normally I would charge through the travel until the bitter end, and try not to breathe through my nose. To clean up and feel comfortable for our next 13 hour flight is invaluable. Some fancy lounges also sport showers.

We’re rushing off to clean up and grab some grub, before we cool our heals for our last leg to the States.

Travel well, folks!