Best Gifts For Travel Lovers

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The season for gifts is coming up! Here are some of the best gift ideas for the traveler in your life, newly revamped for 2019!

If you’re looking for some of those sweet discounts — Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday deals, Whatever-The-Heck Wednesday deals — we’ve got you covered!

Shoot, no matter what time of year it is, these gifts will be pretty awesome for those wanderlusting folks in your life. Also, thanks to these affiliate links, you get Amazon’s low price, and we get a little bonus to keep our blog goin’! You hero, you.

Some of these gift ideas may not be obvious! We discovered a lot of these from years of travel experience.


Give the gift of a little adventure

An Airbnb getaway

We love using Airbnb to find our next love nest! You’ll love it too. Not only do you get the opportunity to stay in some really charming places that feel more like home, but you also get to have a bit more of a local experience.

Surprise your sweetie with an Airbnb getaway! Get $40 off your first Airbnb booking.


An Airbnb Experience

Is anyone else a big fan of great experiences??

Speaking of experiences, Airbnb also offers more than just places to stay. Through Airbnb, local experts offer interesting (and romantic) experiences:

  • Food tours
  • Couples’ massage
  • Wild new activities

Thanks to our superpowers, our link gives you $15 off your first Airbnb experience, so take a look to see what’s available in your area!


A Viator adventure

As another gift idea, you could compose a little adventure using this tool from the well-informed TripAdvisor folks.

You can find fun experiences like this:

And there are more ideas where those came from!

Try out Viator to discover amazing things to wherever you’re going.


Give the gift of a BIG adventure


House-sitting on the Caribbean island of Grenada for a few months was quite a paradise.


Ready to change your life?

House-sitting has certainly changed our lives. We have been absolutely amazed by the lifestyles we have enjoyed, as house-sitters. Imagine stepping into a new life, with a new home, and a fascinating new neighborhood in some fresh corner of the world.

How do we do it? We use the site called Trusted Housesitters. And you can use it too, to bring your sweetie a fresh new perspective on life.

Get 20% off Trusted Housesitters and enjoy a BIG new adventure!



Sometimes you hold all the cards, and sometimes…


Fluxx Board Game

Great news! This game is highly-portable; just what travelers need. The “board” is broken up into a bunch of square tiles, which shift and turn as the game progresses. It’s incredibly fun, even for two people. It remains surprising game after game, because what bit of skill you develop is confounded constantly with chaotic conundra. It’s ever-shifting, maddening, and a total hoot!


Fluxx Card Game

Okay, if you want to be even more compact, the card game version works well, too. It’s still a blend of strategy and hilarious chaos.


Werewolf: A Party Game for Devious People

This is for a social couple since you need a few people to make the game worthwhile. With that critical mass, this is one of those unforgettable party games that has everyone watching each other, sizing each other up. Quite a howl.



Do you expect a language barrier for your travelers, in their upcoming locations? This game is really easy to play across all kinds of language barriers. Consider getting more than one deck; I once played a game with 20+ people in Costa Rica using a few decks of UNO cards, and it was an experience of playful mayhem that turned strangers into friends really fast.



These Bluetooth earbuds served me really well. Check ’em out!


Great Wireless Headphones

I practically live in these. I use them daily, for sure. Once you experience the freedom of wireless headphones, it becomes a complete game changer. It was a bit of a leap of faith to get headphones like this, but now they are a mainstay in my life.

For travelers, wireless headphones like these make life so much easier.


Noise-Canceling Headphones

If your traveler does work on video editing, or audio, these are essential. Some cities and locations can be noisy! Noise-canceling headphones are a great gift for the traveler in your life, so they can stay focused and productive.


iPad Hard Case

This is a great iPad case that protects, and doesn’t fall apart. By contrast, the official Apple cover has fallen apart for me, over and over — I’ve gone through three or four of those. This one doesn’t take much more space, yet it feels much more sturdy. It has remained intact for many months.

A great iPad case for travel!


Superb Canon Camera

This is a popular camera among digital nomads like us. It’s especially awesome if your travelers are already using the Canon family of lenses. This offers great image quality and battery life, and is quite adaptable.


We love living all over the world, and the gear that helps us to do it. Here is a peek!


Wireless Bluetooth Camera Shutter

This simple device is extremely useful, especially if your traveler is any kind of photography. With a simple mechanism, you can hit a button on the remote control, and figure a photo on any kind of smartphone. Normally, you would need to start a timer, get into position, try and get everyone smiling at once, and then run back to your camera to see the results. This is so much easier!


5in1 Camera Lens Kit

Smartphones have become a source of incredible photos, so it makes sense to beef up your photography game by using some cool lens effects. These little lenses easily snap onto most smartphones and tablets. They can even be used on your laptop to make video calls more interesting!


Lavalier Microphone

This handy lapel mic makes it extremely easy to record audio on the go. They just plug one end in their smartphone, clip the mic end on their shirt, and start recording! If your traveler folks are recording video, this does the trick.


Roost Laptop Stand

We backed their Kickstarter, and we are proud at how they have grown! This laptop stand packs down to a very small size, and is excellent for travel. When it is set up, it is incredibly sturdy, and encourages excellent posture. It just feels so much better. This stand is often used with a Wireless Keyboard, but I’ve grown fond of using this stand without an extra keyboard — lifting my arms up seems to improve my posture even more.



eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

This is a great backpack that the cool kids are into now. I’m getting one for my sister, and I may get one for myself too. eBags has been pretty solid for me in the past, so this is a gem.


Coolest Luggage Ever?

In a life of travel and adventure, bags matter.

I’ve tried out a pretty wide variety of luggage; all kinds of stuff. I’ve come back to this High Sierra Adventure bag, repeatedly. I think I’m on my third. I’ve gotten one for my sister, too.

The main appeal of this bag is that it’s super adaptable. It separates into two parts: one versatile backpack, and one carry-on suitcase (which can transform into an additional backpack).

With this thing, life is easy-breezy. I’m able to slide the smaller backpack onto the extended handle, so I can roll the whole deal around without carrying anything on my back. I can quickly open things up while gliding through airport security. On a basic flight, the big carry-on goes up in storage, and my gizmos and gear stay in the backpack under my seat.

I love this bag.


Packing Cubes

This is one of those gifts that your traveler may not know they want, yet. But they will thank you.

I never considered getting these, and then my lil’ sister got some for me for Xmas. I gave them a try — mostly to be polite — and oh my gosh, are they a game-changer.

Organizing your bag is amazing. I freakin’ love packing cubes.


Stocking Stuffers

Let us show you those special gifts that are just perfect for travelers: some obvious, some not.



For your beloved travelers, safety and protection are important. Sunscreen is so often overlooked, but a cornerstone of youthfulness and longevity!

Keep ’em photogenic and smilin’ with this great dry-touch stuff. Trust me on the sunscreen.


Ever wonder how travelers show themselves TLC? Certain gifts help with that perfect getaway feeling.


Solid Shampoo & Travel Tin

Ashley is all about this stuff.

These shampoo bars use fresh, natural ingredients. If you consider your typical factory-made shampoo, it may have some pretty weird stuff in there. The shampoo and conditioner bars are solid so you don’t need to worry about flying with more liquids… some airlines can give travelers quick the headache about this! Also, you’re cutting down on the amount of plastic waste — go Mother Nature!


To this day I cannot stop laughing at this sweet custom gift, and here are the juicy details…


Custom Inflatable Neck Pillow

Hehe. This is one of the funniest presents I’ve received.

Ashley found this company that will print your photo on their travel products. I was surprised with this over-the-top selfie of our huge smilin’ faces as the image on my neck pillow. It cracks me up, over and over.

Mercifully, the image on the back is a neutral pool scene. Will you have the same compassion, in the neck pillow that you design?


Costa Rica is really special to us. It’s where we went on our first big trip together. It’s a cool country for a bunch of reasons, leading the world in eco-friendly projects, and in the global happiness index.

From Costa Rica, these Pura Vida bracelets drive funds to “more than 175 charities around the world to donate nearly $1.9 million to causes you care about”. That’s a pretty cool gift to the world, when you give these bracelets to a loved one.

Pura Vida Bracelet


Collapsible Water Bottle

We find that we use these water bottles all the time. We remember to drink lots of water throughout the day. Working on laptops, we like having spill-proof containers. And we bring them to the gym, beach, and adventuresome outings.


Travel Umbrella

This is another item that’s pretty popular with the digital nomad crowd. For certain travel, it can be nice to have an umbrella that’s really study, while packing nice and small.


Leather Wire Snaps

This is another one of those things that I never knew I wanted.

Once I tried using some of these, my life was never the same again. What a game-changer.

Now, my many wires and cables are manged into tight, compact organization. A great travel gift, especially for someone with gizmos.


That travel-lover will be thinking of you, thanks you your thoughtful gift. Happy to help!

Colorful Thumb Drives

These are always handy to have on hand. These thumb drives are a great balance of decent price, sturdy design, and style. Since they’re all different colors, it’s easy to remember which is which.


Bravo on the great gifting!

Congrats on getting some cool stuff for the travelers in your life! You’re awesome.

The best gift of all is closeness with loved ones, so reach out by voice or video to connect — or give them a great big hug if you get to see them in person.

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