Every location independent, digital nomad, and prolonged traveler will experience missing friends and loved ones at some point of your travels. No matter who you are, you will experience the pangs of missing someone. When you leave for your adventure, you can’t possibly sever all ties you had and become an island onto yourself — even if you are sipping cocktails on the beach. As a traveler you need to find ways to keep that connection alive; fortunately it’s become progressively easier. I can’t imagine how many snail-mail letters had doused a flaming romance because it too long for the letters to arrive.

Having left a slew of besties back in the States, I have worked hard to stay connected with them through video calls and emails. Being 11 hours ahead is certainly interesting! Besides being in the future (huge perk) we connect at opposite times of the day — one of us is just starting their day while the other is ending it.

Video chat with a dog

Yet it’s still hard, there is a disconnect greater than just the miles between us. We are no longer able to meet for tea, bake cookies together, or go antiquing. We’ve had to find a new way to connect, unlike anything our relationship was previously built on.

Many times I have felt “out of sight out of mind.” I would wonder why my peeps weren’t sending me their messages of luv and funny pictures. At these times I realize they may feel the same about me — it is highly possible for them to feel I am gallivanting around the world and is distracted by the wonderfulness of paradise. When in reality, I am sweating my bollocks off and have a sunburn.

Skype and Facetime have been invaluable as tools to keep in touch. I am still continuously amazed we are able to chat face to face (sorta) from across the world. That being said, I often have difficulty finding strong enough wi-fi. It’s common practice for calls with me to get dropped. But after a quick call back, the conversation continues.

I only have a scheduled weekly call with one person, that special lady is my mother. We’ve been talking every Wednesday morning since being abroad. I knew with both our crazy schedules we wouldn’t talk often, if we didn’t organize a scheduled talk. Every week, we know when to expect it so we can arrange accordingly. Of course some weeks needed to be held on a different day, but I honestly do believe this scheduled call has saved our relationship. At first, I found it to be a hassle, but now I really do look forward to connecting every Wednesday morning with her.

Video chat with Fluffy

Every person and relationship is different: some people will prefer to talk with video while others will only do email. That’s ok. I also find I have a harder time scheduling calls and responding thoughtfully to emails while we are on the road. It is considerably easier when we have a home base established and I know the internet is somewhat more reliable.

Bliss on folks and send some luvin’s to your friends and loved ones!