Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Fears can be debilitating.

They can hold you back from something you really, really, really want to do, and often the perceived fear is much worse than if it were to actually happen.

I’ve got fears.

I totally question things — I’m not so sure that’s going away anytime soon.  Although I have now learned (and starting to put into practice) asking myself “what if?”  Ask yourself “what if [insert scary fear here] were to happen to me, what then?”  Seriously, what would you do? This thought process kind of grounds the fear and helps create actionable steps to solve the issue.

The fear will remain, but how we react and deal with it can change.

I have a fear of driving.  I’m not sure what caused it, but when I reached the age I could apply for my driver’s license I had no interest in getting it.  Although I did eventually, because I lived in a rather rural town and if I wanted to socialize at all, I need some wheels. I struggled through driving class, the test and became more familiar and comfortable the more I drove.

Flash forward a few years, we’re in Thailand and riding a scooter to get around.  It was something I’ve never done before and I’m afraid of losing control and hurting myself, or worse, someone else.  Because of my fear, I didn’t give much effort to trying to learn and find the comfort I know I can.


Watch out!


What if I lose control?  Use the brake, pull over to the side of the road and gather myself. I’m still alive and no one’s hurt.  I just looked really silly.

What if I hurt myself, or someone else?  Always wear a helmet and be a conscientious driver.  Deal with any damage I cause.

The learning curve will be hard and stressful, but it will get better.

I just need to jump in and try.  I am so excited to muscle over that bump; I am eager to zoom down back roads and enjoy the exhilaration of feeling free.

We are going back to Thailand soon, one of my big goals is to master the scooter!  So there it is, I’ve now put it into the universe and onto the internet!

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