Sunset Overlook

One of the finest ways to envision your dream life is to doodle it.  Don’t worry: no art skills are needed!

It’s really just conceptual.  You can totally use stick figures and rough icons.  Some people like to use cutouts from magazines, and just assemble a collage.  The point is: you think about the elements that you want to invite into your lifestyle, and you put them directly into the picture, with yourself.

It can be easy to start with “stuff”, though it starts to get really interesting when you include people (specific and general)… and it’s especially juicy when you start including experiences.  You can certain include those one-off bucket list triumphs, but don’t overlook the day-to-day experiences in your dream lifestyle, either!

Kickin' Back In A HammockKnucks And Wiggles

I’m especially fond of this jaunty doodle of Ashley and I celebrating some triumph in our projects with knucks and finger-wiggles.  What a great feeling!  In a way, it’s almost like gratitude… in advance!

Psst!  PS: We’re considering a little project that’s all about taking your life patterns in your desired direction by dream doodling… and then building real, sustainable daily habits out of them to work towards your long-term goals.  We’ve got some great references and experts to guide the way, and we’d love to hear how that idea tickles you.  :-)