Feelin’ Appreciation For Stuff

I am feeling so incredibly fortunate today.

It’s not specifically a very special day… actually it’s Monday, so I feel in most cases that’s automatically a mark against it. But for me, I am feeling spectacular; and I wish to acknowledge that in today’s post.

Feelin' Good

When simple things come together, I feel that’s where magic is made.

Just to name a few things going on in my day: had a great breakfast, finished a couple of blog posts (duh), had a wonderful conversation with my Mother, made some social plans, did some flight research, cooked, and to top it off, our new passports arrived in the mail.  I’m now drinking tea and blissing.  My day is far from over, and yet I felt I needed to pause to appreciate where I am at this moment.

As you can see from the rough list above, nothing will really make today memorable.

But that’s ok.  I think it’s important to feel appreciative.  I once read somewhere, people who acknowledge what they appreciate are happier people.  Fun food for thought.

I feel we take most things for granted, and don’t really take a moment to enjoy the everyday.

Often these things flow right past us.  I am happy, kinda have to go pee and I am not doing anything memorable.  Rock on Monday!

What do you appreciate from your day, week, life?

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