Nick and Dariece are a couple of our fave digital nomads, and with good reason!

  • They’re really personable.  They regularly give tours of their latest home, insider glimpses of their lifestyle, and really just put it all out there so you get a full sense of their experiences and adventures.
  • The Goats are really resourceful.  They have started to explore house-sitting around the world, and it is going really well!  Since we’re growing more fascinated with this topic, we’ve really enjoyed their accounts of their latest house-sitting experiment in Grenada.
  • The Goats are longer-term travelers.  They used to hop around frequently, but lately they’ve grown to travel more like us: setting up in one location for months at a time, to get to know the place (like Grenada).
  • Nick likes drones.  Whatever fancy term you wanna give to a remote-controlled helicopter with a camera, Nick is into it, and I’m really drawn to this stuff as well.  :-)

Early on in our Blissy Life adventures, when we refreshed our digital diet of digital nomad blogs — the Goats came to the fore as a source of inspiration.  We continue to appreciate their intrepidness, their resourcefulness with creating opportunities, and their cheerful sharing that is instilled into every one of their videos and creations.  (Especially so lately, since they are sitting still for a few months at a time like we do, rather than perpetually movin’ around!)

Here’s to a long and interesting road, Goats!

PS: Oh yeah!  Obviously you should check out their site.