How much does the local market cost in Hoi An, Vietnam?  Good question!

We just came back from the market, and we’ve got a couple examples for you.  These examples show what you can buy without any bartering.  (People generally recommend bartering, but sometimes you just want to pretend you believe the first price quoted, and support the performing arts by paying “full price”.)

Ashley poses with fruits from the local outdoor market

Ashley poses next to fruit purchased for 60k dong, which is about $3 USD.

Curtiss poses with vegetables from the local outdoor market

Curtiss poses next to produce purchased for about 160k dong, or $8 USD.

PS: Yes, we know it sounds pretty funny that Vietnamese currency is called “dong”.

PPS: No, we don’t stop snickering while discussing how many “dongs” something costs.

Curtiss is a lover of delicious atmosphere, experiments in location independence (and digital nomadism), and that magical place where wifi and paradise overlap.

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