If a fortune cookie told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?  Hopefully not.

We’re all rationally irrational adults after all, right?  Ultimately, we think for ourselves — and that’s a good thing.

Yet… we can glean some great nudges from the universe.  There’s this idea about “moderated coin-flipping”, for example.  You let a coin-flip decide something you’re on the fence about.  The coin lets you know what you should do.  But thennn you really consider it.  Do you want to re-flip that coin, really badly?  Do you feel relieved?  Rather than obey blindly, you let the coin help you to feel out your gut instinct.

So this adventurer has indulged in a life path that’s kinda like that.  And it starts with a fortune cookie.

Enjoy this traveler’s reckonings with fate and instinct.  It’s not as predictable as you think.