Hi. I’m Curtiss.

This is a detailed vision for what my life and my business will look like by 2019.

Sharing it with the world makes me more accountable, and formulates things for the Universe to collaborate in making them a reality.

What I Do

Lifestyle freedom is the core value that drives me, in two senses of the term…

Freedom in lifestyle and self-realization — that’s self-realization from connecting with your true nature, and expressing it.

Innovative approaches to personal freedom — achieving freedom in your life, through your own particular methods.

I inspire people to accomplish this in their own lives, and they in turn inspire it in others.

I believe that we each contain massive creative potential, and we benefit as a planet when we uplift, support, and nurture this in all others as well.

I work with people who value identity and freedom, relishing design that feels right and the freedom of unlocking their true selves.

I do this by exploring it within myself and my friends, sharing the discoveries, and encouraging it in others.

I do this by by providing examples — my own and my friends’ — online in the form of video, photos, and stories.

On one hand there is the candid expression of your personal self, and on the other is the thoughtful reflection on personal mindset and circumstance that allows that to happen. I help people to unlock both, through Blissy Life.

I also share that spirit of creative freedom with businesses and organizations by helping them to express their voice and identity, through my digital agency, Skytemple.

Thanks to speaking engagements, I am building awareness and action with our greater community.

Thanks to great partners and collaborators like Ashleybeams and the team, we are growing and connecting — reaching more than 100k followers, and touching millions of lives with inspiration!!

Thanks to your support and encouragement, along with believers, ambassadors, generosity and grants, we are reaching record goals in our initiative to empower people in lifestyle and business worldwide.

How I Feel

I feel aligned with my core values, amazed with my beautiful/inspiring life circumstances, and tickled giddy by the child-like wonder in each day’s discovery and breakthrough. I am living my dream.

There is no better feeling than helping people to unlock their creative potential, in fruitful and empowering ways, and seeing the difference in their lives.

I feel honored when I am invited to speak, and encouraged to produce more podcast/video content — especially when people show the ways that we have touched their lives and improved things for the better.

I feel encouraged by the size and spirit of the community, which takes on an inspiring life of its own.

I feel excited to wake up in the morning to produce great content, exhilarated by the opportunities and connections throughout the day, and satisfied as I wrap up the day with the things I love.

I feel ambitious about my goals, and appreciative about my accomplishments.

I am true to my daily routines and rituals for great health, mindset and wellness. I am also true to my inner voice, exploring my calling and where it leads.

My friends and family enjoy the time we spend together and my love for life is contagious. My team appreciates my intrepid spirit and adopts a mindset of adventuresome breakthrough. They are continually growing into their own power as a result.

I feel more and more connected with my friends, family, and supporters — building deeper connections, understanding, intimacy and delight.

I feel massive levels of gratitude to the people and circumstances in my life that make it all possible.

Every area of my life is benefitting from my vision and execution, and the results make me feel like the luckiest guy in the world to be making a difference in the way that I do.


My Global Offerings

Blissy Life will reach more and more people through various educational and entertainment resources. As it touches more lives, we’ll share more inspiring stories.

Skytemple will bring a brand identity, voice, and strategy to more and more businesses and organizations who value style, personality, and connection.

Culture And Spirit

I love to show people that they have tremendous potential and capacity to craft their lives for the better — as well as the lives around them.

When it comes to partnerships, I embrace partners who are aligned with lifestyle freedom, in arrangements that benefit us both towards growth and understanding.


Brand And Image

My brand represents finding your inner hero, unlocking the paradise within, and composing your business and lifestyle to reflect your unique nature.

I present myself with my inner hero shining — showing off my excitement, creativity, and vision. I am appreciative, grateful and gracious, yet bombastically enthused.

“I LOVE that this is my job.” That’s the spirit I’m feeling regularly.

My business is polished in appearance and visionary in design and aesthetic. People checking it out will raise an eyebrow, smile, or even react with surprise at the candid style. Some will love it and some will hate it, but all will admit that I wear my heart on my sleeve and run a business that brings out true nature.

People want to work with “that cool guy that unlocks your personal paradise”, and they want to compose their own flavor of lifestyle, share with others in excitement and inspiration.

Sponsors And Partners

Key thought leaders, influencers, and innovative lifestyle designers play a role more and more in Blissy Life.

The movement that takes form socially and globally gains the attention and support of some key players as well, and that momentum never ceases to amaze me.

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My leadership style is visionary and inspiring.

The mindsets and and breakthroughs that I inspire come by leading by example, guiding people to connect with themselves, and challenging people to scare themselves with potential by holding themselves to high standards.

I live and breathe my core values of lifestyle freedom in the unique ways that I compose my livelihood and my lovelihood — working, living, and loving in the ways that feel right to my inner voice and my calling.

Though each of our inner voices is different, my life story guides them in that same process and spirit.

Pencils Of Promise

Being Of Service

My team and I provide a strong, supportive community and quality products and support so that we get few complaints or refund requests.

Thanks to support, volunteers, and ambassadors we make a major difference in the lives of people around us.



Our exceptional team and procedures work wonders to set increasingly ambitious quarterly goals, and then meet or exceed them.


Team And Ambassadors

I am grateful for the talented and inspired team members who contribute to strength and growth of the Blissy Life vision.

I hold the team to high standards, helping them to set ambitious personal goals and then to accomplish more than they expect.

Our team members feel invested and personally responsible for the greater success of the team.

Our team demonstrates great integrity and conviction.

We are playful and inspired.

We are thrilled to be making a difference in the many lives we touch.

I inspire ambassadors to share their own Blissy, from their own inner voice — inspiring more around us.



I am a familiar and lovable figure in the arenas of global living, digital nomadism, entrepreneurship, and especially lifestyle design.

I am regularly a featured columnist in Inc, Foundr, Huffington Post, Wired, Engadget, Mashable, Lifehacker, etc.

I visit interview and explore, in places like Mindvalley, TED, Google, and other leading arenas of inspiration.

I am interviewed regularly on radio and podcasts. Later I may focus more on live events.


Wealth Creation

As more and more people grow interested, invested, and sharing in Blissy Life offerings the more we are able to grow and help people — through various offerings thanks to media, referrals, joint ventures, and affiliates.

With revenue consistently above $200k yearly, I’m able to explore angel investment in companies that align with my core values, sharing in their success and triumphs.

My financial freedom also allows me to invest more time into the core spirit of Blissy Life, which makes me feel deeply satisfied due to alignment with my core values and the positive impact on lives around the world.

Wellness And Balance

I honor and celebrate my health and well-being. I regularly exercise in fun ways, and I maintain great nutrition. The ways that I break from my regimen are calculated and celebrated — occasional enjoyment of relaxation and deliciousness are moderated and savored.

The ways that I exercise are playful and fun, and I appreciate the fruits with tremendous enjoyment.



I regularly connect with my inspiring mastermind buddies, encouraging each other and learning from each other.

I am deferring to experienced experts as well, learning from them as I learn about them. Whether casual or professional, I honor their expertise, and appreciate their insight.

I am grateful to have a mentor who is plugged into the world I revere, and they are thrilled to share their professional experience and experiences.

I continue to raise the bar higher as a result, and inspire those around me as I do.


Family, Friends, And Relationships

I am in regular contact with family. We enjoy great experiences in person and we maintain lighthearted interactions, always. We are also not afraid to share fears, hardships, challenges, and personal humanity as we live our lives and support each other.

I maintain bonds with old friends, and we celebrate each other’s life strides and support each other through challenges. I also strike up new friendships with lively and inspiring people, opening my spirit to their fresh perspective and playfully sharing my spirit as well.

My devoted relationship with Ashleybeams remains strong and central as we work as partners in life, love, and biz. We celebrate each other’s excitements, we support each other through challenges, and we maintain faith through various seasons with an overall vision of intimacy, growth, and brave intrepidness. Also, we thrive with a wide spectrum of intimate familiarity as well as nurturing of our awesome super-selves.

(Much appreciation goes to Natalie Sisson for inspiring me with her latest version of her own painted picture! And thanks also to my dear friends and guides Maxie Ouyang and Mitchell Harris who always inspire me along the way.)


Thank You

Thank you for reading my 2019 painted picture!

Please encourage me at blissylife.com to help make it come true! :-)