Prepare For Vampirism To Reanimate Your Lifestyle

I know what you’re thinking: you think you’re safe from becoming a vampire.

Perhaps you think that the odds of meeting a vampire are rather slim. The odds of then being turned into a vampire yourself: even slimmer. That is, of course — if vampires even exist at all.

Well — here are a few practical reasons to re-think your vampire-y assumptions.

Not because vampires are real, necessarily, but because the mental exercise may offer some fine personal breakthroughs.


For us, this mental exercise surfaced during a rousing game of “Truth or Truth” here in Ajijic, México. It started playfully, and became rather thought-provoking. The question we explored was essentially this: “If you were going to become a vampire, how would you change your life to prepare?”

Here are some important life lessons (for us mere mortals) that came to the fore…

You’ll wrap up some unusual stuff.

When you become a vampire, you aren’t just going on a little trip. Yet you aren’t exactly disappearing forever, either. Would you wrangle your personal affairs so that people might still expect to hear from you? How would you maintain contact and work with your new nocturnal tendencies? 

You’ll live life differently as an immortal.

Yeah, yeah — we know. That doesn’t mean “living forever”, necessarily. A stake through the heart will still kill you, or whatever. But as long as you avoid that stuff, you could live a really, really long time. Centuries, even.

How would you live differently if you planned to be around a few hundred years? Would you go particular places, or pursue certain pastimes? What would be the main shift in your daily attention in terms of learning, exploring, socializing, goals, etc?


You’ll get serious about your hygiene and your bod mods.

Since it seems that your body would magically retain the form it held at the moment you were turned into a vampire… you’ll probably want to put some deeper thought into your appearance.

How would you get in shape? How would you have your hair? Your hygiene? Any piercings or tattoos to get done before things get frozen in place?

Why not now?

Are there ideas that you might benefit from incorporating in your life right now? (Minus the blood-sucking and bad stuff?) Why not adopt those great ideas?

Congrats! You’ve composed your vampire-ready game plan.

We’re curious!

We’ll share some of our own vampire-y musings in the comments below. We’re eager to hear how you answer these questions as well! 

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