Resort Splashing

The word “paradise” can conjure all kinds of visions.  One thing that those visions have in common: the paradises we envision are usually pretty far-off and inaccessible.  Now imagine this: what if that paradise weren’t so far off?

When it comes to the word “resort”, that has its own connotations, too.  Lots of resorts don’t look like paradise.  But here’s the thing: a lot of them do!  Some resorts are manicured, and some are pretty wild.  Some are space-station smooth, and some are very eco-touristy.  Whatever your preference, refresh your presumptions!  You may come to realize that resorts are your new best friend.

Generally, staying at a resort ain’t cheap.  So that’s that, for most of us.  But there’s more to the story.

Resorts are generally super-welcoming to drop-ins.  Try it.  Why not?  Pop in and tell ’em you’d like to see a menu, and no — you aren’t staying there, you’re just hoping for some lunch/dinner/drinks/whatever.  Boom: you’ve got a menu.It’s probably really steep, right?  You’d be surprised!  In many parts of the world, an exceptional meal at a resort is more financially raesonable than a pitiful USA fastfood drive-thru.  Seriously.

Beyond “reasonable”, sometimes it borders on “outrageously awesome”.  Just recently, we had two great breakfast buffet overlooking a gorgeousj resort garden and pool, for a grand total that was less than a single cup of coffee back in the States.  (Granted: we got half off.  So the total for two breakfasts would normally be less than two cups of coffee.)

Here’s the biggest perk: perks!

  • great atmosphere
  • fast wifi
  • nice helpful people
  • access to swim in the pool
  • access to swim in the pool… and drink margaritas

Day after day you can pop over to a new resort and relish the fresh new delights that it has to offer.  We highly recommend resort-splashing to enjoy very reasonable meals and tremendously refreshing atmosphereat the same time.  Enjoy!