Scouting Out The Yucatán!

And now, for something completely different.

Usually, you see the two of us adventuring together. Not so, this time.

This time, we decided to split up as we get this next party started. We decided that I (Curtiss) would scout ahead, and that I would use my head start of a week and a half to find us a place in México, while Ashley stayed back in Massachusetts to wrap some things up.

Will Ashley survive without my radiant presence, for so long? How will I do with my explorations in exotic lands??

Don’t worry. Since we both work remotely, we often spend almost aaaaaaaaall our waking hours together. This’ll be good for both us.

Also, Mérida is a special part of the Yucatán, with a vibrant culture, charming colonial central city, and lots of cool spots for day trips and adventuring — including beaches.

Check it out!


Just look at this cutie! We celebrated well together, for much of Ashley’s birthday month!


We love being together, and keeping each other warm in New England’s snowy season.


In a novel logistical move, we decided that I would scout ahead for our next location. So I flew out from snowy Hartford, CT!


The layover in Miami was cool. It’s a beautiful city, from up above.


Also, the Miami airport is pretty lovable.


Arriving in Mérida, I was greeted by colorful flowers!


Scouting things out, I took a look at some houses for Ashley and I to live in. This one was “Tulum chic”! What a term.


I did get the chance to check out the nearby beach town, Progreso. It is a place where cruise ships stop in.


The Internet wasn’t great, but the weather was!


There’s something special about enjoying a meal on the beach. There are lots of palapas, and places to get a massage right on the beach.


Ooh! I’m feelin’ the beach vibes.


You can find Mayan influences all around here.


The style gets so interesting towards the center of town.


Sipping coffee out on the plaza is a great way to start the day.


The ambiance at Mansión Merida is so delightful that I make funny faces.


It’s really nice to kick back and enjoy the ambiance of ⁨Parque Hidalgo⁩.


This omelet was expertly sculpted! Yes: it was delicious.


The courtyard inside the mansion has an exquisite fountain.


The sweeping staircase and dangling chandelier make for some nice ambiance, too.


There are beautiful sights all over town.


I wish I had time to check everything out! There are so many interesting spots.


Here comes a horse-drawn carriage, clip-clopping by.


I make note of romantic things to do, for when Ashley joins back up with me here. This is romantic, right?

Modeled after the Grands Boulevards of Paris, Paseo de Montejo has a spacious feel to it. Cafés, museums, and stately buildings line the boulevard.


Can you find the princess, up in the tower castle? I suspect that this was a photo op for a quinceañera.


This museum looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to check it out.


The vibes around Mérida vary, from one barrio to the next.


I really enjoy exploring Mérida, and getting a feel for it.


Splashes of color draw my attention as I glide from one spot to the next.


Mmm, tacos! Fish tacos, actually. This is a critical part of my research, naturally.


Wow! As I explore the charming center of town, I’m finding performances, music, and smiles galore. Mérida seems awesome!


Progress has been great!

My initial adventures in Mérida are wonderful. But will I find us a good place to stay? Will I pick an area that works well? How will we handle ourselves as the weather heats up???

Stay tuned, because we’ve got insights to all those things, coming up.

Ever done any strategic scouting for your living situation? How was it? Let us know in the comments!


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