I recently made a very important decision regarding networking and my level of professionalism– I’ve decided to do it my way! Some may think I’ve committed business suicide, especially as I’m now self-like employed. I have made the leap to delete my LinkedIn account. It wasn’t a hard decision to make, I had just reached the point where I decided I did not want to follow the mainstream professionalism path, but to create my own unique way of networking.

I believe the site is an adult Facebook, where you can connect and reach out to new people: I absolutely see value in that. Although, what rubbed me the wrong way is that the site is so buisness-centric. I don’t believe I am defined by how I make money, although I’m starting along the path of just the opposite: letting what I love and how I want to live define how I fill my bank account. I don’t want someone to know my whole educational and business career, without knowing how I love fluffy cats and red wine. It’s part of me and LinkedIn just does not have a section for that!

I can see how it’s beneficial if you are looking for someone with specific connections or qualifications, it certainly helps to not need to paw through the heaps of selfies and cat photos you find on Facebook. I will also admit I don’t think I ever used the site to it’s full potential– shame on me I guess

I wish to continue to meeting people the same unprofessional way I always have. I want it to be comfortable and easy going. I refuse to network with stuffy folk who can’t joke around. We are on this Earth to talk about more than buissness; I wish to be the one that delivers the most tasteful fart joke, while making seriously fun project plans with a colleague. Yanno, just another day in the office!

With this mindset and heartset I realize I will weird some people out, and possibly miss out on some great recourses.  To me this is ok, as long as we are having fun and genuinely sharing with like minded people with similar goals- everything with be better than ok.

This is not a down with LinkedIn article, instead I want to make the point of up with making connections any way that feels right for you! There is not one correct site or way to do this.