Oh man, I can’t believe I haven’t filled you guys in on my friend Maxie yet.  Before I rave about how awesome she is and why you should check out her stuff, I should share that we’re both part of a mastermind group that meets weekly to chat about movin’ our projects forward, and generally improving the lives of ourselves and those around us.  It’s a great context for gettin’ to know someone well.

Anyway, since she’s got someone coaching her with her projects and self awareness, an interesting question came up.  And I’ve got heaps to say in answer to the question, “what are Maxie’s superpowers?”…

“Maxie’s magical mojo is fueled with heart and compassion. When Maxie waves her magic wand, she uplifts spirits and ignites inspiration. She has a natural intuition for navigating emotional challenges, and for guiding others to discover and tap into their own powers. Naturally introducing gratitude and heart-centered abundance, Maxie is a sorceress of sweetness with a voice that inspires and guides others to a multitude of triumphs: outward, and within.”

How’s that for a lil’ testimonial?  Maxie is currently part of a project that helps non-profits in El Salvador, and helping others to appreciate the beauty of life in all kinds of ways.

I’m really fond of Maxie’s new book called Unusual Gratitude (affiliate link) — the images are really lush and engaging, and the concepts are compelling.