You know that feeling where you feel unbeatable? When you step out of your house with a little extra bounce in your step and a glint in your eye, feeling like you could achieve absolutely anything you wished?


Feeling Stellar


This is not something you may feel everyday, or even particularly often. But those special days are spectacular! I am challenging you to determine the equation to create such a day, make changes in your life, and then have everyday feel as wonderful!

Whoa! I know that’s sounds overwhelming… make it manageable, take baby steps.

First, think about what it’s like to feel more than only sexy, only powerful, or only funny. But where all your meters are green (much like in the Sims).

sims Meter

Just think if you could live blissfuly everyday? What would that look like? Seriously! What does that look like?!??!!

Feeling stellar is more than merely doing fun and entertaining things. It surpasses wearing your favorite pair of tight pants and overshadows eating a fancy meal. I believe it’s the culmination of all these factors and more. The power combo is specific to each person, but it’s certainly not magical or unattainable. As you know yourself best, you can figure this out!

Also, be realistic. You are not going to jetpack out of your home the first day, ready to achieve all you have been afraid to… it may be a slow process, but absolutely worth it.

Here’s a fun list of 50 things that make people happy.

To get your thinking juices flowing: I feel like I could kick some serious butt when I’ve been sleeping well, freshly showered, and wearing clothes that are comfortable and fasionable. I need to be slightly caffeinated and well fed. I am most excited while working on a project that is inspiring and creative. I also believe in not rushing: this tidbit permeates nearly every corner of my life.

I get a bounce in my ungraceful step when I have things to look forward to. Seems obvious and simple, yet so very true. Routine and monotony can get me down, and my feet really start to drag. But when I plan something fun and exciting (certainly doesn’t need to be big or expensive) to look forward to, there’s a very tangible shift in my perspective. Life seems light and exciting, even if I am doing the same routine and monotonous loop.

My wardrobe is also important to me– I’m not so much a fancy Nancy, but I do like to feel “well put together.” I have started to only purchase clothes I love. I used to choose clothes whether they would be good for work, for play time or exercise. But felt so boring and uninspiring! Now I only wear what I love and feels good or nothing at all!

I can’t wait to hear about the changes you make!