I take great inspiration and entertainment from a certain fella– he is well know for being an adventurous eater, grumpy and an overall intrepid person… in my humble oppinion, he’s also rather studley to boot. He’s now a household name, but Anthony Bourdain explores what it’s truly like to have been born and grow up in some really incredible cultures. What he and his talented crew depict goes beyond what most reporters or bloggers will ever see, let alone write about.  Bourdain makes television the way he wants and in doing so, portrays a greater depth of the cultures he eats his way through.

Anthony Bourdain

He has been in some really scary (and could be potentially deadly) situations while filming. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart to swallow some of the goodies he has, but also to make television the way he wants. This article sums it up pretty well: Bourdain refused to do the silly, fake stuff other foody stars are advised to do.

Bourdain inspires me to live and to eat with a passionate drive, in a way that feels right to me. Time and time again, I am reminded sometimes you need to take a chance and taste the lesser known dish. You do not need to follow Bourdain, or anyone else for that matter! I challenge you to stop doing the silly fake stuff and try something new.

A good friend of mine, says “you do you!” I have come to like that phrase very much– it’s simple and to the point… I challenge you, my friend, “you do you!”