Spending The Day At CAMP, Chiang Mai

We are currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand as it seems a large percentage of all other digital nomads are as well — today we decided to spend a little time in CAMP.  It’s a new co-working space in Maya Mall, that folks have raved about.  So we had to find out what was so exciting.

Popping my Coworking Space Cherry

I’m sitting here writing in CAMP and freezing my butt off.

As I periodically people-watch and type a few words, I notice it doesn’t feel like a coffee shop or an office, but more like a college library.  People are lounging and quietly chit-chatting, while most stare off into their own digital world. All the while, the continual white noise of the overpowering air conditioner buzz is on.  I wish it would just turn off.

After observing all this for an hour and finishing a cup of not-good coffee, I feel I am now a genuine expert of co-working spaces.

I can understand the mindset of going someplace to specifically work.

When you have an office job, that desk represents “work” from 9-5.  When you are a digital nomad, or location independent, you no longer have that specific place for “business time.” I guess that’s the charm and — possibly– the drawback of the lifestyle.

We have spent a great deal of time working in cafés and in our common area.

We have experienced our fair share of internet frustrations, you never know when you’ll have reliable internet.  When we find a place with great food, coffee and healthy internet, we become regulars… although sometimes it’s surprisingly “hit or miss”. In co-working spaces you can be pretty confident you’ll be able to pop open your laptop and have good Internet.

There are other shared spaces in Chiang Mai. 

I do know the other locations are membership-based, and at first impression the cost seemed a little hefty if you worked there casually.  It may be a great price if you worked there religiously, but for our lifestyle, I think it was more than I’d like to pay.  CAMP was created as a workspace for Thai students, so it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get a table and use Internet.  With the purchase of a beverage or food of 50 baht you get two hours free internet. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Working at CAMP is lovely, but you’ll still see us mostly around town working at our favorite brunch locations!