Appreciating Art While Traveling

Remember to bask in art and culture!

Art brings something special into our lives. While we are reminded to stop to smell the roses, it’s also important to… sniff the flowers with our eyes, haha. Check out the colors, shapes, and visions that we discovered in these adventures all over the world.


Explore The Winding Medina Passages Of Fez

The winding labyrinthine passages of the Fez medina offer such an interesting array of markets, cafés, and surprises! Check out what we discovered. Read more.


Grandeur And Bedazzlement Await You In Barcelona

Barcelona is a place of awe-inspiring creativity! Read more.


Find Enchanting Antiquities, Art, and Food in Querétaro

The magical city of Querétaro is a bustling center of history, art, and tasty food! Read more.


Bring art into your life, wherever you are!

Consider the role of art in your day-to-day adventures, and give it a chance to bring a smile into your soul. Check Europe’s Top 100 Masterpieces: Art for the Traveler. Whether you’re traveling to Europe or just dreaming about it, this book both stokes your wanderlust and kindles a greater appreciation of art, with historical context and information on where to see it for yourself.


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