We love to eat: we enjoy trying new foods and new takes on long-time favorites.  While travelling, we are always looking for interesting flavors and creative combinations.


Food Around The World


Food keeps us alive, but it’s also an art. It’s ranges widely between cultures.  I honestly want to eat all the food (but nothing really spicy… I’m not so good with that stuff.)

We are huge brunch people, everything about it is pure bliss!  You can read about our Chiang Mai, Thailand brunch expediences and at the Victoria Resort and Almanity Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam.

We often use TripAdvisor for restaurant suggestions, the site can be a bit of a challenge to navigate sometimes when you have something specific in mind. Although when you’re looking for something highly rated, in a certain area, it’s great.

Here is a pretty fun list of what to eat in the “most visited cities” round the globe, check it out!