Get To Know Great Digital Nomad Speakers!

Here at the Digital Nomad Expo known as DNX here in Bangkok, we are really enjoying the incredible talks and connections. Whether you’re part of the event or just interested in leading thinkers in the digital nomad space, these are great people to check out.

The talks were all packed into a whirlwind of an inspiring day! To make it easy to review and appreciate each speaker, here’s a collection of everyone’s sites and social!

Natalie Sisson

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Chris Dufey

Dave Cornwaite

Say YES More

Steve Monroe

Hubud Bali

Jasper Ribbers

The Traveling Dutchman

Jana Schuberth

Fabian Dittrich

And bonus props to Jasper, who has been just an awesome personal inspiration! Ooh, and Natalie scored major cool points because we entered and won her on-stage Twitter contest.

A big thanks to the DNX team and everyone helping as well! That includes MC Bernard Edwards, and organizers Marcus and Felicia.

Bravo, everyone! Now for a great day of masterminds.

(If you’d like anything added/fixed, just let us know!)

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