Can You Believe This Wild Wrap-Up Of 2019??

2019 was an amazing year!

As 2019 comes to a close, we realize: it has been quite a wild ride throughout the year, this year! Join us as we reflect on a global game of connect-the-dots!



Grandeur And Bedazzlement Await You In Barcelona

Barcelona is a place of awe-inspiring creativity! Read more about this adventure..


Pica-Pica Like A Catalan With A Barcelona Food Tour!

We were thrilled by the incredible evening of tastes and sensations as we were guided around Barcelona by Context Food Tours. Read more about this adventure.


Barcelona Adventures With Friends: Yachts, Dragons, and more!

Our dear friend from Brooklyn joined up with us, and we met up with some other awesome Brooklyn friends for some great adventures in Barcelona. Read more about this adventure.


Get Weird At The Dalí Theatre-Museum In Spain

Ready to get weird? The museum that Salvador Dalí created is one heck of a stroll through surreality. Hold onto your melting clocks!! Read more about this adventure.


Fall In Love With Girona During An Evening Food And Wine Tour

Girona is a town full of enchanting secrets, and many of those delicious discoveries were unveiled as we were shown around by Pat of Girona Food Tours. Read more about this adventure.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day With The Romance Of Girona

We like to savor our holidays, and we must say: Girona was quite a romantic town for enjoying Valentine’s Week! Read more about this adventure.


Your Heartbeat Will Quicken When You See A Circus Like This!

We were absolutely DAZZLED by the international circus festival in Girona. Can you believe your eyes?!?! Read more about this adventure.


Kicking Back And Relaxing In Barcelona

When we travel, we tend to prefer places where we can feel comfortable: our own kitchen, space to lounge, comfy spots to dine privately… that sort of thing. This place in Barcelona did the trick! Read more about this adventure.


Incredible Riad In The Heart Of The Fez Medina

Winding through the twists of the Fez medina marketplace, we were astounded to find the palatial riad that greeted us.Read more about this adventure.


Discover A Luxury Boutique Hotel Overlooking The Fez Medina

Exquisite comfort charmed us as we looked out over the breathtaking vista of the Fez medina from the luxurious Hôtel Sahrai. Wow! Read more about this adventure.


Indulge In Moroccan Style At This Exquisite Fez Riad

Our visit to Riad Maison Bleue astounded us. With a variety of enchanting rooms accented by three opulent courtyards, we felt drawn to savor its atmosphere just a bit longer. Read more about this adventure.


Savor An Opulent Romantic Dinner At Riad Fès In Morocco

In exquisite ambiance, to the accompaniment of traditional lute music, we savored a sensuous and flavorful array of dishes at one of Morocco’s sexiest hotels: Riad Fès. Read more about this adventure.


Explore The Winding Medina Passages Of Fez

The winding labyrinthine passages of the Fez medina offer such an interesting array of markets, cafés, and surprises! Check out what we discovered… Read more about this adventure.


Relax In This Small Coastal Town Outside Of Barcelona

Basking in the sun and enjoying the coastal charm of El Masnou, just outside Barcelona, Llar de Capitans was especially refreshing for our souls. Read more about this adventure.


Triumphs Atop Gjirokastër Castle In Albania

An adorable Ottoman-style village lies nestled amidst the majestic mountains of Albania… with a heck of a castle looking out over it all. Read more about this adventure.


Motorcycling And Piloting A Flying Camera For A Gorgeous Birthday In Butrint

Birthday adventures were tremendous: leaning into twisties that curled around Butrint national park, riding a motorcycle through sunny Mediterranean vistas, and winding around the ancient Roman ruins of an UNESCO World Heritage Site. A huge thanks to all our dear loved ones and this awesome universe for all the bliss we enjoy. Read more about this adventure.


Just What Do We Find Charming About New England Charm?

You may know that we both grew up in New England, but you may not know what we get to enjoy when we return for a visit! Read more about this adventure.


Relax In Greece At MarBella Corfu

Overlooking turquoise waters on the Greek isle of Corfu, this hotel is a vast hillside of refreshing pools, spectacular vistas, and incomparable style. Read more about this adventure.


Have A Luxurious Corfu Getaway At An Adults-Only Resort

We were beyond delighted to luxuriate in this peaceful and enchanting adults-only luxury hotel in Corfu. Read more about this adventure.


Mexico City Has Something For Everyone

We were delighted to discover peaceful tree-lined boulevards, chill coffee spots, and interesting creativity all around Mexico City. Read more about this adventure.


If You Decide To “Eat Mexico”, You’ll Be Amazed

In our recent trip to Mexico City, we found that CDMX offered an incredible array of awesome food options — from traditional street food to daring fusion innovations. Prepare for mouth-watering glimpses of awesome dishes! Read more about this adventure.


Getting Fresh Perspective Of A Familiar Park

In a recent visit to hang out with my dear family, my mom took me to check out a familiar park, and we made some interesting new discoveries! Read more about this adventure.


Experience The Tranquil Allure Of The Connecticut Shoreline

There is a lot of charming Americana to appreciate along the Connecticut shore. Read more about this adventure.


Try Your Luck With A Visit To Reno, Nevada

Reno is a place that’s lit up with casinos, shows, and activity. Check out our adventures with friends around Reno, and get to know this unique Nevada town a whole lot better. Read more about this adventure.


Billings, Red Lodge, & Beartooth — Oh My!

Welcome to Montana! We recently attended a conference of travel content producers in Billings — called TBEX — and enjoyed all kinds of special treatment. Read more about this adventure.


Yellowstone National Park Offers An Amazing Life Experience, Actually

As we explored Yellowstone National Park, it astounded us with the diversity of animals, variety of geological formations, and breathtaking experiences. Read more about this adventure.


Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park

The views at Grand Teton National Park are spectacular, and there are some special spots for great vantage points. Jackson Hole has a special appeal to it, and the town is a thrill to explore. Read more about this adventure.


Diamond P Ranch

The Diamond P Ranch was a sweet and scenic spot all its own. Once we set out on horseback, the experience just got better and better. Read more about this adventure.


What moments are you interested in hearing more about? We’re wishing you a wonderful 2020, up ahead!


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